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Jul 26,2019

Bag Knowledge+: Denier (D)

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, but have you ever confused about the network labeling when you bought a bag? For example you will often see 70D, 840D, or even 1000D in the material spec while choosing a bag. So, what is this "D"?

Denier (D) is a unit of measurement, which is based on the weight of a certain length of fiber, to calculate the measurement of its thickness. For example, if there is a bundle of nylon with a total length of 9,000 meters and a net weight of 1000 grams, the bundle of nylon is 1000 Denier (D) nylon.

Denier (D) is proportional to the thickness of the fiber. The lower the Denier (D), the fiber is thinner, and the lighter and softer the finished product is. The higher Denier (D), the fiber is thicker, and the stronger the finished product is.

As for the style with lower or higher Denier (D), it depends on personal use and needs. If you are looking for portability, you should choose a material with a lower Denier (D). If you want something durable and strong, you should choose a material with a higher Denier (D). For example: Military bags are mostly used in outdoors and will require special abrasion resistance and loading capacity. Therefore, they will tend to use 1000D high-denier fabrics; also, the weight of these bags will be heavier.

The different Denier (D) in fabric material will affect the softness and abrasion resistance of the bag itself. Now, with this knowledge, hope it helps you find the bag that suits your needs the best!