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Aug 02,2019

Bag Knowledge+: NON-P

What is Non-P?

Non-P is actually Non-PVC, which means no Phthalates (PAEs). It is a safe PVC, which is a PVC that uses a harmless and safer plasticizer. Non-P environmentally friendly plastic pellets are made of PVC powder, plasticizer and stabilizer. They are completely free of PAEs and are more stringent than national standards. The plasticizer content is less than 0.1%.

Phthalates (PAEs), mainly used as plasticizers, are added to PVC to enhance elasticity, durability and longevity.

At present, Non-P products are used in toys, REACH regulation and medical products, and so on. According to research, male sperm motility might slow down and fertility might be reduced if men are exposed to PAEs for a long time or often use equipment containing PAEs. Therefore, Taiwan and many countries in the world have clearly regulated the restrictions on PAEs in related products.

Where do we use PVC for bags? The most used place is the coating of the fabric, and the fabric used for most of the bags is plain weave. Generally, the back of the plain woven fabric will be coated to avoid unthreading, and the coating can also increase the abrasion resistance of the bag and be more durable. In order to comply with national regulations on environmental protection requirements, Non-P has gradually replaced traditional PVC.