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Aug 09,2019

Bag knowledge +: Each bag is a 3D puzzle

Most people have played puzzles, and the puzzles we usually play are 2D. Every pattern and sewing workers in Sonygood play the advanced version: "3D puzzles."

Imagine! When we play the puzzle, we can compare to the finished picture on the box to find the correct piece when we can't find them, and I really admire the workers because they play 3D puzzles, but cannot compare to anything since they don't have the finished products! Each bag is from the graphic design, "Ka-boom!" and then an entity bag is placed in front of you.

Every time when we send out the Sample Request Form to the sample room, the Sample Request Form is presented with lots of text description and design images. Even if I write the Sample Request Form by my own, it will still take a while for me to "imagine" the bag in mind. It’s always amazing to use the Sample Request Form to exchange an actual bag in front of you! What a sample magic house it is!