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Jun 28,2019

Business Strategy of Sonygood

Since the establishment of Sonygood in 1977, some of the employees have gone from being young girls to being mothers; some are the main income of their families, and some have dedicated their knowledge to the company. There are many families in Sonygood who has to take care of; however, these families also support Sonygood to grow. Any decision of the company will affect hundreds of families. Let's talk to Buddy to see what is his future plans?

Q: At present, Sonygood has three factories in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China. What is your business strategy for each factory?
Taiwan factory
Taiwan is the birthplace of Sonygood, and it is also an important base of us. From the past, present and future, Taiwan will always be the core of Sonygood’s business: “Strategy here and control thousands of miles away.!”
Taiwan factory is mainly for developers, pioneers (meaning international sales and designers) and backup base (operation management structure), and Taiwan will always be the pioneer of each branch. In addition to assembly design, finance and sales, Taiwan factory will focus more on developing and actively introducing production models for technology, talent and innovation.

Vietnam factory
The Vietnam factory is mainly engaged in the "effective mass production" with the priority of "the quality".
The Long An Province is our first factory location in Vietnam. After stabilization, we might build branches (namely “satellite factories”) near Long An Province to expand capacity. The future does not rule out the construction of factories in Vietnam or other countries. Each factory will have its own production characteristics to distinguish the professional proficiency of the sewing workers to achieve better productivity and meet the customers needs.

China factory
The raw materials in the mainland China are relatively easy to obtain (the spare parts industry chain is mature), the development speed is fast, and the workers are mostly skilled. Therefore, the China factory will focus on making samples and procurement, which will be an indispensable sample center; and the production will be more focused on the small-volume large-variety production as the main axis.