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May 31,2019

Era News- Special Interview of Sonygood

On a normal day of work, there was a TV car came through all the country roads to us, a reporter and
a photographer visited Sonygood. We were excited and nervous on this day: "The TV station is coming to interview our company!" It may be a bit silly to say this, but just like the students in the elementary school, we were whispering in the classroom (office), and could not hide the excitement from everyone.

Too bad this video is all in Mandarin Chinese, basically it introduced what Sonygood does and how the founder created Sonygood.

The founder Mr. Buddy Chen learned making shoes after his graduation from elementary school, then turned to the bag industry. Sonygood was born in 1977. By the year about 1985, Buddy brought his suitcase abroad for meeting customers, instead of speaking in English or in other foreign languages, he used gestures for communicating and won the orders by his knowledge and design taste of bags.

Even though expanding factories to China and Vietnam nowadays, we always keep one thing in mind: Keep the main core in Taiwan.

You are very welcome to watch the Sonygood Interview on YouTube by clicking the link below:

YouTube Video Share: Era News- Special Interview of Sonygood