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Aug 30,2019

Ghost Gate Close Night Market

August 29, 2019, the lunar calendar is July 29. This is a special day for Yuanli (The location of Sonygood)!

The lunar calendar July 29 is the day of the ghost gate close. (End of the ghost month) The Yuanli Market holds the ceremony every year, and even invite the troupe to perform for the ghosts, hoping that they enjoy the end of the ghost month. However, the ceremony unexpectedly attracted crowds and street vendors, and it is getting more popular year after year. It finally evolved into an annual "hidden version night market", which is the Ghost Gate Close Night Market. This is a must-go for many street vendors, and tourists can taste many kinds of Taiwanese local cuisines.

Many people exclaimed on the internet:
"The whole road is full of people!"
"It is like the New Year's Eve!"
"The Ghost Gate Close Night Market is only once a year, it’s a MUST GO!"

The 1 km long Ghost Gate Close Night Market, see you next year!