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Dec 27,2019

Origin of the Year-End Party

The "Year-End Party" is a feast hosted by the boss to eat together at the end of the year, rewarding employees for their hard work over the past year. But what is the origin of " Year-End Party"?

Traditionally, every 2nd and 16th day of the lunar calendar, businesses must prepare dishes and fruits to worship Tudigong "God of the Soil and the Ground” (the folk think that Tudigong is the local God of wealth) in order to prosper business. Every year on the February 2nd (lunar calendar), the birth of Tudigong is called “New Year Party”; and December 16 (lunar calendar) is the last worship called “Year-End Party”. In order to thank Tudigong for one year's care, the companies will prepare a wealth of sacrifices and dishes to reward Tudigong, and the things after the worship will be rewarded to the employees, which is the origin “Year-End Party”.

“Year-End Party” Nowadays
Most companies will hold banquet at the end of the year to invite employees to join, thanking the employees for their hard work during the year. Some companies will organize various events or perform sideshows such as parody shows, magic, song and dance performances, or entertaining singers to comfort employees for a year of hard work, commonly known as “Year-End Party”, parties of some large companies will become media attention Focus of the report. At the same time, companies also made a hint to the unsuitable employees, and turned the "chicken head" toward the employees who are intentionally fired by the boss. On behalf of the employees do not have to come to work after the Chinese New Year. However, in recent years, due to the labor rights, both employers and employees hope to have a more harmonious relationship. Therefore, the "chicken head" will be turned up during the Year-End Party so as not to cause tension in labor relations. After Year-End Party, it also means that the New Year is approaching, and families are preparing for the New Year.

Sonygood family also has a Year-End Party! On December 28, 2019, we invite all employees and business partners to come to enjoy the feast!