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Oct 14,2019

Stories Under the Millettia Pinnata

The location of Sonygood in Taiwan is in the middle of rice fields, and the sunlight is sprinkled between the green and yellow rice, very beautiful. However, sometimes it is too bright to open our eyes! At the door of the production line, there is a tree called "Millettia pinnata" that is full of history, it accompanied by the growth of Sonygood.

Millettia pinnata has two flowering seasons in spring and autumn, and will bloom every April-May and September-November. It is a very strong, wind-resistant plant.

Sonygood has been in existence for 42 years since its inception in 1977, and countless employees have worked here. Sonygood shoulders the responsibility of many families and moves forwards step by step! Just like the Millettia pinnata, sheltering the big family from the wind and rain.

After been through the global financial crisis and the trade wars, we smile and share the stories under the Millettia pinnata, and the sound of the sewing machines are still rang in my ears.