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Jun 14,2019

The Abstract Art of Dragon Huang

The first thing will catch your eye when you walk into Sonygood’s office is this painting. Many people stop by here, and “guess” what it says.
"Seems to be writing something?"

This painting was from Mr. Doubei Huang, who was born in 1954 and now live in Sun Moon Lake area.

The inspiration of the characters on the painting was from the oracle script in Shang dynasty about 3,600 years ago. Mr. Huang studied oracle script and combined with aboriginal culture, nature elements and so on to create “The Art Of Dragon-Huang”.

Writing on the painting:

To Mr. Wen Shui Chen (The president of Sonygood)
Collect auspicious fortunes in Futien. (Futien: Location of Sonygood)
Make good income everyday.
Year of 1997.