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Jun 21,2019

Topical news: Effect of Tariff War

Since the start of the Tariff War between US and China in 2018, the period has been more than one year. During the year, the trade war directly affected the industrial supply chain. On this topic, what is the opinion of our president Mr. Buddy Chen?

Q: Does the tariff war have an impact on Sonygood? What do you think?
It is fortunate that Sonygood Vietnam has been completed before the start of the tariff war, so we did not have a serious impact on the business performance from the tariff war.

However, due to the transfer to Sonygood Vietnam, it is undeniable that it has caused confusion in the production schedule of our Vietnam factory. Fortunately, under the leadership of our Taiwanese core team, the Vietnam factory is on track now and produces smoothly.

There are now many industrial manufacturers have moved to Vietnam due to tariff issue, which will increase Vietnam local labor costs. Once wages rise, it is unlikely that will fall in the future even if the trade war ends. "Wage costs" is where we are worried the most now. We will enhance the competitiveness of our Sonygood Vietnam 's "quality" and "quantity" with the experience of our Taiwan factory and our existing talents.