During four decades, due to expansion of production lines and requirement of every detail, we are able to provide the most professional service.


In the process from design to production, development of sample is the first step to concretize your concept. Our group was a pioneer in the functional bag area. Starting with comprehension, we discuss the goal and the original intention of the customers, who is user and who makes a strategic decision of purchase. By our professional experiences, we create the products beyond your expectation.

We like to cooperate with creative directors, product managers, design directors and buyers to embody their notions, blueprints and ideal functions. We will consult you about your design and offer you options of materials, time of delivery and cost of production.


We contact directly with suppliers even who produce small components.

Quality, fitness and stability of materials are as important as design. Our group is not only familiar with fabrication of materials related to bags, but also provide and create proper stuffs and open up a stable supply chain.

To reveal end items, we collaborated with manufacturers of fabrics, zippers, hardware, buckles and packing in inventing ideal constituents.

In this phase, we spent enormous time and capital resolving the problems and established deep fellowship with them.


Thanks to good reputation acquired during decades and strong mutuality with the finest suppliers.

We are able to obtain better service and more pleasing price to answer all your need.

Please take advantage of our wide knowledge and system of purchase to respond to rapid variation of market.


Without great executive ability, marvelous idea would have turned into nothing. This is why mass production is our basis.

Sonygood conduct entirely multiple factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Besides having complete facilities, we often lead new manufacturing processes and more efficient equipment in. We are also proud of furnishing the operators with a safe and quality working environment.

The professional process engineers, product managers and quality control staffs will ensure that the products meet your requirements of standards, delivery time and quantity.

All behaviors which violate human rights, child labor law and legislation concerning worker safety standards are strictly prohibited. In addition to details and quality of products, Sonygood also values security of manipulation and working place and society moral responsibility.


Because of the completeness of financial and warehousing management, we have a great capability of dealing with your dilemma of immediate supply or storage cost.

With you, Sonygood aims to form a partnership as profound as the one we have with upstream suppliers of materials.

Mutual trust, benefit and respect are our faith and core competency of constant growth during four decades.